VINTIQUITIST: n Noun: Vin-tik-kwi-tist: A person who sets out on a quest for vintage discoveries that have newfound purpose to create heartfelt decor.

We are two creative business women that have formed Vintiquity Lane, to pursue our passion for vintage products, help small local businesses grow and to expand our reach within the community.


Vintiquity Lane was started with one key principle in mind, a stylistic approach to vintage furniture and rustic living essentials. Much like the antique community, our hearts are set on sprucing up worn or forgotten items to give them a new life!


– Share our passion for vintage goods and local artistry with the community.


– Expand our connection to our community in a fun and creative way.


– Create Sarasota’s only European-Style Vintage Market for the public to enjoy.


– Host free space for local charitable organizations to give back to our community.


On the third weekend of each month, Vintiquity Lane, will organize an indoor European Style Vintage Market. We will host, organize, promote and process all sales for the event. The market will feature unique vintage vendors and artisans.


Our goal is to gain exposure for local businesses and for shoppers to be able to enjoy the work of many artists, in one location. Our prime warehouse location, in the heart of Sarasota’s design district, will be permanent; however, our marketplace vignettes will evolve each month. We aspire to create an atmosphere where both artists and visitors, eagerly anticipate the monthly event to see what exciting inspiration awaits!




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