To be a Vintiquity Lane Vendor:

1.) We ask that you use the link at the bottom of this page to take you to the vendor application section and fill out the simple form. Tell us a little about yourself and what kind of items you are interested in selling at Vintiquity Lane.

2.) Send us pictures of your items that you feel best represents your style.  There is a link on the application page to send your pictures by email.

3.) We will review your photos and see if your style is represented at Vintiquity Lane. We want to keep a good variety and not have too much in one area or style.

4.) After the photos are reviewed, we will email or call and let you know our decision. We are currently on a waitlist, but the uniqueness of your product can determine where on that list you will be. Our vendor selection is based on current market trends. If we don’t choose you as a vendor when you first apply, please don’t take offense; the decision is based on current market trends. Current applications are kept on file.


Top FAQ’s

What sizes of spaces are available?

10×10, 5×10, other accommodations for sizes can be arranged, on an as needed basis.  Vendors are allowed to share spaces, but the arrangement will be made between the two vendors. Each vendor will have their own vendor number unique to them.

Is electricity available for my space?

There is electric available throughout the warehouse.

Are vendors allowed to leave their areas set up in-between monthly markets?

Vendors are allowed to leave their items set up and will have times throughout the month that vendors can restock and tweak their areas.

When will Vintiquity Lane Market take place?

Vintiquity Lane is a unique European market hosted on the 3rd weekend of every month.

Do vendors have to work the market?

We will have the 2 days of the market divided into shifts, so vendors can choose hours that suit for them, to help with the event. 2 shifts per weekend. A shift is half a day

What will Vintiquity Lane do to promote the market? 

Vintiquity Lane will do all of the event marketing and advertising, website announcements, TV/print/media ads, social media and much more.

Does VL help our businesses grow individually? 

Yes, VL will provide vendors with analytics of the latest market, hottest selling items, market trends designed to boost sales and give each vendor their sales totals and what’s was trending for them.

What are the vendor rates?

Prices for Individual spaces will vary, but usually range $100-$250 as well as 15% of sales.

What are the consignor rates?

We consign items for 50/50 split.

Thank you for visiting Vintiquity Lane

Debs and Gina (the Girls)